Mighty Australia

BRETT LEE... architect of Australia's triumph in Kuala Lumpur.-S. SUBRAMANIUM

If the experimental Australian side is able to win the DLF Cup, then woe betide the teams that have to face the full-strength squad from Down Under in the 2007 World Cup in the Caribbeans.

Thanks to the efficient planning of Cricket Australia, there is always a good crop of talented youngsters for the Aussie selectors to choose from.

This depth of talent is the real strenghth of Australia.

Suresh Manoharan, Hyderabad Australia deserves it

India's loss to Australia in the crucial DLF Cup match was baffling. Sachin Tendulkar should have made use of the great opportunity he got when the umpire called him back. No doubt he is a great batsman, but he needs to score in the big games.

The way Dinesh Mongia batted and bowled was a revelation. He surely should figure in the Indian XI in the Champions Trophy.

Congrats to the Aussies for taking home the Cup. They truly deserved it.

Duke Jonathan Jeyaraj, Hyderabad Justice done

The ball tampering issue is finally over. As expected, the umpire Darrell Hair had no specific proof against Pakistan and Inzamam-ul-Haq. Whoever saw the Test at The Oval will agree that Pakistan should not have been charged in the manner they were by Hair.

Cricket fans are now happy that justice has been done to Pakistan. It is pleasing to note that Pakistan skipper Inzamam will not protest the four ODI matches ban slapped on him. Also heartening is the major decision by the ICC to keep Hair out of the Champions Trophy in India.

Jaskaran Singh, Chandigarh Save hockey

Refer the article `It all boils down to speed and power' (Sportstar, Sept. 30). When compared with the speed and power play of the European players, we Asians are too slow. No doubt our players are talented and very good at dribbling, but the way hockey is played today, it gives no room for dazzling stick-work.

What we clearly lack is speed and power. Conceding goals in the dying minutes match after match is a proof of this. It is time our players improved their stamina and skills to trap and shoot the ball.

Incidentally, it is a matter of shame that more than the Indian Hockey Federation, the Federation of International Hockey is concerned about the decline of the sport in India.

The Sports Ministry should take positive and stern measures to save hockey.

N. Viswanathan, Chennai