Mindroom explained

Prof. Bruno de Michelis, a Scientific Director with the Canadian biomedical company, Thought Technology Ltd., developed Mindroom in 2002 for the Italian football club, AC Milan.

Italy used the technology during EURO 2008. Later, Michelis moved to Chelsea FC in 2009 and the club successfully implemented the technology in the 2012 Champions League, according to Dr. Beauchamp.

Manchester United and Barcelona FC have their own versions of the technology. Others using Mindroom outside of football include Canada’s speed skaters and skiers (since 2010 Vancouver Winter Olympics), France’s rugby players (since 2010), US Navy Seals and Special Forces (since 2006) and NASA (since 2007), according to Dr. Beauchamp.

The Olympic Mindroom programme via the Olympic Mental Skills Workbook dwells on psychological skills, goal setting, tracking and monitoring via performance indicators, performance tools like biofeedback, reaction time training, vision training, psychometrics and rest and recovery profiles.

For competitive shooters, Mindroom’s sports vision technology helps in processing visual information quickly. It also helps process faster response time to peripheral stimulus on the field of play, apart from facilitating sustained focus of attention, improved working memory on demand and under pressure and neuro-physical stamina to maintain high levels of cognitive function under stress.

The purpose of Mindroom is to assist athletes in increasing their confidence, recovery strategies and maintaining focus. It also trains athletes to be resilient under pressure.

Indian wisdom and neuroscience

Talking of the relevance of merging ancient Indian wisdom with Applied Neuroscience, N. S. Srinivasan, Chief Mentor of Medha Mind Enhancement, Chennai, said, “The world of wellness and sports sciences have learnt self-regulation, mindfulness and being process-oriented from ancient Indian wisdom. The only difference is that science has made it experiential.

“What took a sadhak 10-15 years of austerity to experience, can be gained in less than 10-12 sessions using Applied Neuroscience. We expect to bring this learning to the Indian Chapter of Mindroom and adapt Dr. Pierre Beauchamp’s proven methods for Peak Sports Performance Under Pressure to Indian needs and necessities.”