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Who will be the better father, Andre Agassi or Pete Sampras?


* "As a baseliner, Agassi has a lot more patience than serve-and-volleyers like Sampras."

* "Andre has shown a lot of compassion for children with his charities."

* "He fights for every shot and never gives up. He will do the same for his son."

* "He will be a more versatile father. After all, the guy's won all four majors on all surfaces."

* "Andre's in better shape than Pete, and Andre will have no problem keeping up with his little one. Pete will be sucking wind after one game of tag."

SAMPRAS 46% * "He's calmer and down to earth." * "He's even-tempered." * "Pete's just more mature."

* "Pete's always been the better sportsman, he'll be the better dad."

* "Aside from tennis, Pete doesn't seem to have any interests, so he'll be able to devote himself to being a dad."

* "He finished No. 1 for six straight years, and that kind of perseverance is key to becoming an excellent parent."