Over the `Net

Will Serena Williams win all four Grand Slam titles this year?

Yes 50%: "If she stays focussed and injury-free."

"No one else has been able to raise their game for the Slam's. *Serena has found that killer instinct that makes her unstoppable." * She made winning three majors last year look so easy." * "Name one player who could stop her? You can't." * "She's mentally and physically tougher than anyone else." * "Her main rival, Venus, has lost her edge."

No 50%:

"That would mean winning seven majors in a row, and I'm not sure if that's possible for any player these days." * "Venus will rise again." * She's prone to injury." * "Her overconfidence will be her downfall." * She'll win three, not four." * "I don't think she's mentally tough enough." * "She won't be able to keep pace for another year."