Over the 'net

Will Tim Henman ever win Wimbledon? No 77% "He didn't win it when he was at his peak."

"All this pressure from the press prevents him from winning."

"Hewitt, Agassi, these guys show more grit." "He doesn't have a big weapon."

"Baseliners are starting to win on Centre Court and that puts him at a disadvantage."

"He's too British. He doesn't have that fighting spirit."

"He's been nursing a shoulder injury." Yes 23% "He's one of the few grass-courters left."

"As long as he doesn't have to play too many tough matches back-to-back."

"He's always done well so it's just a matter of time."

"You would not believe the agony we Brits go through every year, but I believe Tim can win."

"See: Ivanisevic, Goran, 2001."