Point to ponder

Sir, — The over-dependence on Virendar Sehwag's heroics, every time he walks into the middle is definitely hampering the prospects of Team India as a whole.

When Sehwag's bat rules the roost, everything falls in line. But when he fails to click, the others just fail to rise to the occasion.

This fact was quite evident in the ODI series between India and Pakistan. There was ample opportunity for batsmen like Yuvraj Singh and Mohammed Kaif to showcase their talent. But they just could not seize the opportunity and the Indians just succumbed to the pressure from a rejuvenated Pakistan team.

Jyotiranjan Biswal, Angul (Orissa) Kudos to Inzy and his boys

Sir, — Pakistan's comeback from 0-2 to win the ODI series was really superb and amazing. The credit must go to Inzamam and his boys. I think the basic difference between the two teams was the mental toughness and self-belief. The time has come for BCCI to hire a psychologist too.

Rajesh K. Srivastava, Nasik Miserable failure

Sir, — India failed miserably in the recent ODI series against Pakistan. The great Indian batting line-up collapsed time and again and none except Dravid played his natural game. Also I cannot understand why a batsman like Laxman should be omitted from the team. I hope the team recovers from the setback soon and the batsmen regain their touch.

Solaiman Palash Dhaka, Bangladesh Not surprising

Sir, — The defeat of the Indian cricket team in the one-day series against Pakistan is not surprising. Over the years we have seen that the Indian team has always choked in crucial encounters. After the series against Bangladesh the Indian team was billed as the next best team to Australia. The players were on a high too. But they failed to deliver against the Pakistanis. The team is full of talent but what is the use? Which other team in the world would lose a series after going 2-0 up? Full marks to the Pakistanis, their captain in particular, who led from the front and thus went on to win the series.

Angarag Bhuyan Morigaon, Assam Poor show

Sir, — India's poor showing in the one-dayers on home pitches thus continues. Indian bowling always struggles to contain the batting of the opposition on these short front pitches and this series was no exception. Sehwag and Co. carried the team to victory in the first two matches but ultimately the pressure on the batting was too much to handle.

If one looks at the records of the past matches between India and Pakistan one understands that most of the Indian wins were on juicy pitches abroad. Thus it is not understood why our Board is staging these one-day international matches on such feather bed pitches!

K. A. S. Namboodiripad, Thrissur