1. Who did Andre Agassi beat in the final to win the 1992 men's singles crown at Wimbledon?

2. Which cricketer, who passed into history recently, had the middle name Dhondu?

3. Which was the first non-National Capital to host the summer Olympic Games?

4. In baseball, the lines from home plate to first and third bases that extended infinitely are called?

5. Where in Pakistan is the Bagh-e-Jinnah cricket?

6. Which Brazilian footballer has invested in a motor-racing team for the inaugural A1 Series later this year?

7. How many teams make up the current English Premier League?

8. How did Britain's Peter Whitehead, who finished a brave third for Ferrari in the 1950 French GP, meet his end?

9. One more on Formula One. When and where did Mario Andretti run his final F1 race?

10. Which country's IOC code is MKD?

11. In judo, what type of a technique is Kata-gatame?

12. Who was India's football captain during the recent tour of Pakistan?

13. With whom has Argentine Juan Sebastian Veron signed a two-year deal?

14. Sanjeev Singh is the National coach of which Olympic sport team of the country?

15. Name this young golfer (see pix) who appropriately changed her name to distinguish herself from fellow Koreans on the LPGA Tour.

* * * Answers:

1. Goran Ivanisevic. 2. Eknath Solkar. 3. St. Louis in 1904. 4. Foul lines. 5. Lahore. 6. Ronaldo. 7. Twenty. 8. He lost his life in the 1958 Tour de France. 9. In 1992 at the U.S. Grand Prix. He drove a Ferrari. 10. Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia. 11. A shoulder hold. 12. S. Venkatesh. 13. Inter Milan. 14. Archery.

15. Birdie Kim ( from Ju Yun-Kim).