V. V. RAMANAN Questions:

1. The last of the Indian Test cricketers to have played before WW II passed away recently. Name him.

2. Many would have seen a lot of honking at the Tour de France. What is it?

3. At which American club did Pele and Franz Beckenbauer play together?

4. In 1954, Chris Chataway and Chris Brasher played a big role as an amazing feat was achieved. What was that?

5. Which contemporary described Sachin Tendulkar's success, when compared to his, as "He took the elevator and I took the stairs."

6. Name the famous Dutch who won four gold medals in the 1948 Olympics.

7. In the 1990s, Alexander Mronz was the opponent when this player (see pix) was banned from Wimbledon for three years after creating a controversy. Name the player.

8. At the 2002 World Cup, which Asian team was thrashed 8-0 by Germany?

9. Which cricketer is nicknamed `Hollywood' because of his looks and star status?

10. Which event in the Ancient Olympics determined the best all-round athlete?

11. What was special about Jack Brabham's third F-1 World championship title?

12. One for the fans of Australian domestic cricket. Who was the first player to captain three different States?

13. Name the two Wimbledon champions whom Kevin Curran beat back-to-back on his way to the 1985 Wimbledon men's singles final?

14. Expand the initials in P. R. Polly Umrigar's name.

15. Name the famous Indian badminton player who was killed outside a stadium in Lucknow.

Answers: 1. Mushtaq Ali. 2. Pedalling by standing up from the seat. 3. New York Cosmos.

4. They paced Roger Bannister while the doctor broke the four-minute barrier for the mile.

5. Vinod Kambli. 6. Fanny Blankers-Koen. 7. Jeff Tarango. 8. Saudi Arabia. 9. Shane Warne. 10. Pentathlon. 11. It came in a car bearing his own name!

12. Dirk Wellham (New South Wales, Tasmania and Queensland).

13. John McEnroe and Jimmy Connors. 14. Pahelam Ratanji. 15. Syed Modi.