V. V. RAMANAN Questions:

1. In which sport players are also called cagers?

2. Who did John McEnroe beat in the three Wimbledon singles finals that he won?

3. In fencing, what colour card is given for serious misconduct?

4. How many Perfect 10s did Nadia Comaneci win at the 1976 Olympic Games?

5. Maurice Garin was the first winner, way back in 1903, of which gruelling event in Europe?

6. Which athletics legend won the 1972 Munich Games 10,000m event despite having a fall during the race?

7. Identify this cueist (see pix) who is nicknamed Whirlwind for the pace he sets at the table?

8. Whose record did Sahaj Grover beat while becoming India's youngest ever World champion in chess?

9. To a toxiphilist, what does a belly mean?

10. In the 1999 cricket World Cup, apart from Pakistan, whom did Bangladesh beat?

11. What was the name of the Test ground in Sheffield, England?

12. How did Liem Swie King enter Indian sporting history in 1980?

13. How long is the playing court in handball?

14. Premchand Degra and Mehrwan Daruwalla have achieved glory in which sport?

15. Who stopped boxing legend Marvin Hagler's unbeaten run of nine years in 1987?

Answers: 1. Basketball. 2. Bjorn Borg, Chris Lewis and Jimmy Connors. 3. A black card. 4. Seven. 5. Tour de France. 6. Lasse Viren. 7. Jimmy White. 8. P. Harikrishna. 9. The side of the bow nearest the archer. 10. Scotland. 11. Bramall Lane.

12. He was the losing finalist when Prakash Padukone won the All England badminton championship.

13. 40 metres. 14. Bodybuilding and squash respectively. 15. Sugar Ray Leonard.