Ronaldo strikes it rich


Portuguese striker Cristiano Ronaldo has agreed to stay at Manchester United for the next six years for a staggering 44 million pounds, or 140,000 pounds per week.

Ronaldo, 22, was offered the staggering 7.3-million-pound-a-year salary after scoring 27 goals in 28 matches so far this season.

According to News Of The World, he is on course to breaking George Best’s record of 33 goals in a season.

An insider revealed how manager Sir Alex Ferguson would have broken the bank to keep Ronaldo from going to another club like Real Madrid.

“The Man U faithful are totally in love with Ronnie, and he can do no wrong as far as they are concerned, no matter how many hookers he hires himself. And, they don’t care what he gets paid, just as long as he keeps turning it on every week. Even the other players appreciate what an incredible talent he is. Yes, they’d all like to earn more money, but it’s people like Ronaldo who put bums on seats,” the insider was quoted, as saying.

Ronaldo still has some way to go before he catches up with the world’s highest-paid player — Britain’s own David Beckham.

The LA Galaxy star is on half-a-million pounds a week.