THREE years after their marriage, Brazilian soccer superstar Ronaldo's wife Milene Domingues is fed up with his off the pitch adventures and wants a divorce.

"It is difficult for us to stay together as we see life in different ways," Milene, herself a professional footballer and ex-model, said in an interview published in Sunday Mirror.

"We are discussing divorce and it is only a matter of time after we get things sorted out. It is the end and I mean it," she said.

Party-loving Ronaldo, who earns four million pounds per annum with Real Madrid and considered worth 50 million pounds is renowned for his wandering eye.

According to the tabloid he recently pursued Lady Victoria Hervey and Manchester United Star Ryan Giggs' ex-girlfriend, Caroline Stanbury, at a Monaco nightclub.

Milene, 23 and Ronaldo, 26, married three years ago, but the couple has been leading almost separate lives. She spends half the week in Italy, leaving their son Ronald, three, in Spain with his dad, her mum Lucia and a nanny.

"Ronald is the most beautiful thing Ronaldo and me have done together, but it is not sufficient," Milene said. "He is not the solution to all the problems Ronaldo and I have. My son does not come into it. He has nothing to do with the fact that our love and feelings have changed.

"I know what is best for me — peace and tranquillity. All I ask for is a plain and straightforward life. A tranquil family life. And my son Ronald needs stability too."