Shoaib Akhtar Timeline

Born: 13 August, 1975. Tests: 46, 178 wickets. ODIs: 138, 219 wickets.

December 1999: Two years into his international season was banned for illegal action.

February 2000: Early signs of a troublemaker, banned for a Test following a breach of code on the tour of Australia.

January 2001: Having ignored past instructions, banned for the second time.

November 2002: Furious at taunts from spectators, hurls a bottle into the crowd during a Test in Harare. Banned for one One-Day International.

December 2002: A new dimension to his career. Banned for one Test for tampering with the ball.

May 2003: Tampers with the ball again and banned for two One-Day Internationals and also fined 75 per cent of match fee.

October 2003: Targets lower-order batsman Paul Adams with obscene language during a Test in Lahore. Is banned for one Test and two One-Day Internationals.

December 2004: Verbal exchange with a batsman in Australia costs him 40 per cent of match fee.

January 2005: Excessive appealing in a One-Day International results in a fine of 25 per cent of match fee.

October 2006: Fails dope test, banned for two years. Ban lifted following an appeal.

August 2007: Slapped a 5000 USD fine for leaving training camp without permission. Fine suspended following an appeal.

October 2007: His worst. Banned for 13 One-Day Internationals and put on a two-year probation for five disciplinary breaches, which included a bust-up with team-mate Mohamamed Asif with a cricket bat.

April 2008: Banned for five years for criticising the Pakistan Cricket Board.