Mehuli Ghosh, digging horror and funny movies

The star shooter says she has no single favourite film, but there are many that she loves.

Favourite music track?

I generally love listening to musicals, but one of my current favourites would be Calvin Harris and Rihanna’s ‘This is what you came for.’

Favourite actor?

Varun Dhawan.

Favourite film?

No single favourite as such. There are many movies that I love, like Dangal, Chak de! India and so on. Mostly I love horror and funny flicks.

On what occasions do you lie?

Very rarely... Although I do look for excuses when I need to sleep.

What is your most treasured possession?


Who among your shooter friends do you love hanging out with?

I have many friends among shooters. But the closest ones are Apurvi Chandela, Manu Bhaker and Prasiddhi Mahant.

Shows you love to binge watch?

Sherlock Holmes, Sabrina and Our Planet.

Your immediate mission?

All my competitions are important right now and I am also focusing on my technique.

Favourite food?

I love Bengali cuisine. I’m a huge fan of Chinese dishes as well.

Favourite holiday destination?

Paris. I love beaches as well.

Favourite memory?

When I won my first national medal and my first international medal.

One occasion when you lied to your parents?