Sterner test awaits Wasim Jaffer

Hats off to S. Dinakar for his Cover Story on Indian openers (Sportstar, December 8), which was complete in all respects.

A sterner test awaits Wasim Jaffer down under, as rightfully pointed out by the author with sound judgement and precise logic. The respective height of the openers forces the bowlers to alter their length, he says. This is a fascinating insight.

Suresh Manoharan, Poor decision

I refer to Peter English’s article ‘A Few Firsts’ (Sportstar, December 1). Australian captain Ricky Ponting had some fear at the back of his mind, which is why he opted to bat again at Hobart and set Sri Lanka a stiff target.

Still Sri Lanka, with the help of Sangakkara and Co, could have achieved the target but for the dreaded finger of Rudy Koertzen. Such folly by an umpire from the elite panel calls for drastic action by the ICC. They should now seriously consider enhancing the role of the Third Umpire. I feel all dismissals, especially the controversial ones, should be reviewed by the Third Umpire.

N. Mahadevan, Stop the fighting

The hype created by the ICL, which has launched its own T20 tournament in Chandigarh recently, is massive. However, its concept does not seem to have caught the imagination of the public. It may be due to the fact that ever since ICL was launched the Indian cricket team has been doing well, beginning with Dhoni & Co. winning the World Twenty20 Championship.

The ICL is turning out to be an asylum for cricket discards of various countries, and one good example is Marvan Atapattu. It will be good for cricket in general if both ICL and the BCCI sit together and formulate plans for the betterment of the players instead of fighting with one another.

S. Venugopalan, Well done, Sachin

Congratulations to Sachin Tendulkar on becoming the second highest run-scorer in Test cricket. We now wish him to become the number one very soon. The way he batted in the first Test in Delhi and the second Test in Kolkata, it appears that many more runs are still to come from his blade.

Shirish J. Buch,