What three-time Wimbledon champion Boris Becker says is tough for his ego to swallow: "I'm never going to be as good in any field as I was as a tennis player." — Pic. AP-

"I'm never going to be as good in any field as I was as a tennis player."

What hockey star Sergei Fedorov compared falling in love with Anna Kournikova to:

"Worse than having a bad bout of flu."

Family member who, until recently, did not know that Anna Kournikova and Sergei Fedorov were briefly married in 2001:

Anna's mother, Alla.

Who Andre Agassi says is "arguably the best competitor the game has ever seen":

Michael Chang.

Combined number of pro victories Michael Chang boasts over Pete Sampras, Andre Agassi and Jim Courier:

27 (8-Sampras, 7-Agassi, and 12-Courier).

Tennis player featured in a four-page photo spread in Sports Illustrated magazine's swimsuit issue:

Serena Williams. Her autobiography,

Number of different partners with whom Martina Hingis won her 36 women's doubles titles:


Title of new CD featuring a catchy pop rock song performed by the independent band Binge:

Anna Kournikova.

Number of times more populous United States is compared to Croatia which beat it 4-1 in the 2003 Davis Cup first round:


Total number of aces Ivan Ljubicic hit while winning two singles and a doubles match (with Goran Ivanisevic) to lead Croatia to a 4-1 Davis Cup first-round victory over the U.S.: 81.

Entities that donated $25,000 each to help clear explosive land mines in the Croatian village of Mekusje:

The United States Tennis Association and the U.S. government.

Well-known athlete who sent 20 dozen roses to Serena Williams at the 2003 Australian Open:

Tampa Bay Buccaneers star receiver Keyshawn Johnson.

Number of times a week Serena Williams says she goes to church:


Number of years that 26-year-old Rainer Schuettler, the surprise finalist at the 2003 Australian Open, spent on the pro tour before breaking into the top 100:


What Larry Stefanki, who has coached John McEnroe, Marcelo Rios, Yevgeny Kafelnikov and Tim Henman, says is the prime age for a male athlete:

28 to 32.

Number of pro singles titles all-time great Rod Laver won after turning 30:

44, an Open Era record.

Age at which Andre Agassi inflicted the two worst defeats of his career on opponents:

32 (6-0, 6-1, 6-1 vs. Justin Gimelstob at the 2002 U.S. Open and 6-1, 6-0, 6-0 vs. Hyung-Taik Lee at the 2003 Australian Open).

Number of consecutive tournaments that 31-year-old Pete Sampras entered and then withdrew from in February and March 2003:


What has been used in studies around the world, often with encouraging results, as a treatment for tennis elbow, among other maladies, according to a New York Times story:

Botulinum toxin (Botox).

What Frenchman Arnaud Clement, ranked No. 42, did to keep in shape in early 2003 while suffering from a sore right wrist:

He played lefthanded at amateur tournaments in France.

Number of games Ai Sugiyama of Japan played on the final day of the rain-delayed State Farm Women's Tennis Classic en route to winning the singles and doubles (with Kim Clijsters) semifinals and finals:


What young players, attending the three-day ATP University programme, are advised never to do:

Criticize women's tennis.

The most talented player in the world, according to Marat Safin:

Marcelo Rios.

Continent where the 2003 Australian Open drew the greatest television audience:


Number of journalists and broadcasters from Japan at the 2003 Australian Open:


What happened to 12-year-old ballgirl Rachel Mayott of Scottsdale when the ball that Mark Philippoussis hit to set the serving speed record (142.3 mph in 1997) flew right past her head:

It scared her so much that she got the hiccups.

What world top-10 player Rosie Casals did at the 1974 Virginia Slims in San Francisco when the tournament needed help in that department:

She was a ballgirl.

Number of bodyguards that former world No. 1 Yevgeny Kafelnikov often has with him:


Asking price Pete Sampras and his wife Bridgette Wilson-Sampras have listed at the Westside Estate Agency for the seven bedroom, 8,200 square-foot Beverly Hills home they bought a year ago:

$8.9 million.

Percent of the top 14 men's players in the year-end 2002 rankings who use either Babolat or Luxilon strings:


How world No. 6 Andy Roddick changed his racket strings at the start of 2003:

He switched from gut to polyester strings and decreased the string tension from 68 to 53 pounds.

Number of consecutive years that Spain has finished with the most players ranked in the Top 100 on the ATP circuit:


What Andre Agassi said is "the craziest thing" he ever did:

"My first marriage" (to Brooke Shields).