The Rich and the famous


Top money earners (per annum) 1. Tiger Woods (left) Age: 30 Sport: Golf Earnings: $90m Web Hits: 20,50,000 2. Michael Schumacher (right)


Age: 37 Sport: Motor Sport (Formula One, Ferrari) Earnings: $58m Web Hits: 11,00,000 3. Michael Jordan (below, right)


Age: 43 Sport: Basketball (Retired since 2003)

Earnings: $32m (mainly from hefty endorsement income from Nike)

Web Hits: 11,30,000 4. Shaquille O'Neal Age: 33 Sport: Basketball (Miami Heat, NBA League) Earnings: $30m Web Hits: 11,31,000 5. Lance Armstrong Sport: Cycling Earnings: $29.5m Web Hits: 10,20,000. 6. David Beckham Age: 31 Sport: Football Earnings: $27m Web hits: 11,20,000. 7. Andre Agassi Age: 35 Sport: Tennis Earnings: $26.9m Web Hits: 11,00,000. Others:

Valentino Rossi (MotoGP) $30m, Ronaldinho (football) $28.7m, Roger Federer (tennis) $22m.

Sachin Tendulkar, 32, is the leading money earner among Indian sportsmen. His earnings per annum are estimated to be approximately $14m.

Women 1. Maria Sharapova Age: 19 Sport: Tennis Earnings: $25.2m 2. Serena Williams (left)


Age: 25 Sport: Tennis Earnings: $13.2m