Tim May


FRUSTRATED with the International Cricket Council's refusal to allow players' representatives in its management committee, Tim May, chairman of the International Players' Committee, warned the world body that patience of the cricketers was "wearing thin."

"FICA (Federation of International Cricketers' Association) will continue to work constructively with the ICC administration to ensure appropriate recognition of player representatives, but, our patience is wearing thin," May said on the website of the Australian Players' Association.

May was reacting to the recent ICC refusal of the FICA request for player representation, which came despite the ICC administration putting forward a proposal with the recommendation that the players have a representative on the committee.

May insisted that the proposal was not about player associations and whether they should be entitled to a seat but players being able to have a voice on matters that affected them directly.

"The ICC decision not to recognise player opinion is puzzling. The ICC allows player representation at Cricket Committee-Playing level (rules and regulations) but not at Cricket Committee-Management (management) level.

"Why allow player representation at one level and not the other, where both levels decide upon matters that can directly affect the players and such decisions may be enhanced with properly resourced player input?" he asked.