Umpiring was biased


It was a painful home-coming for the team and I feel sorry for the boys. The team’s failure to qualify for the Olympics evoked strong reactions in the country, and it is very important to support the players in these difficult times.

The last few days have given me the time to ponder over what went wrong in Santiago and I feel that we could have still made it to the Beijing Olympics if the umpiring was not biased against us.

We were just not allowed to play our natural game in the final match against Great Britain by the umpires and the Tournament Director. There was a discreet conspiracy by the FIH and Great Britain.

In our league match against Great Britain, we received two yellow cards. Our boys were pulled up without reason and these cards were not warranted. But the British were getting away scot-free.

Tushar Khandekar was hooked in the penalty area and was floored. No stroke was given though we deserved one. Vikram Kanth getting a yellow card was justified. But the British player, who was also involved in the incident, was given only a warning.