Warne's plans

Shane Warne is confident that he will recover from his shoulder injury before the World Cup.-AP

"OUR first World Cup match is on February 11, so I see no reason why I can't be there," wrote Shane Warne in his column in The Times, London, saying that he is determined to do everything he can to give himself the best chance to be part of the Australian squad which will defend the title.

The blonde leg-spinner said he is generally not the one for setting goals, but this one he made after beginning the programme for rehabilitation designed to get his shoulder, injured during the recent VB tri-series, back to being as good as it was a few days ago.

Warne said the team's success in the last World Cup, where Steve Waugh's boys came back to win the title from a hopeless situation, is his prime inspiration and motivation now for making it to South Africa. "To win the tournament after a difficult start spoke volumes for the friendship, camaraderie and talent within the squad. When I think back through the highlights of my career, the World Cup win in 1999 is up there among the most memorable."

Regarding the recovery of the shoulder in time for the big one, Warne wrote, "What that is going to take, I am not quite sure. Errol Alcott, our physio, and Lyn Watson, our shoulder specialist, will oversee the recovery.

"Although I'm a bit vague on specifics, I realise, having come through four operations in the past, that the weeks ahead will involve hard, sometimes painful, work. There are no short cuts, but the fact that I have recovered from surgery in the past gives me hope that I can do it again.

"That said, I will not allow personal ambition to jeopardise team success. I am not going to cheat myself — and my mates — by saying I am ready if, deep down, I know that is not the truth. The selectors take responsibility for picking the side, but I will be honest with them and not put myself forward if I do not feel able to do the job required."