If someone tells me that pasta is good for me, I may not agree. - Kapil Dev

The team has benefited a lot from Chappell's strategies. Some of the experiments may have failed, but it does not mean that we stop trying

different things. — Harbhajan Singh

Results do not count every time and Chappell is utilising all his options he has with him to produce the best and he is left with only two-three months for such experiments before the mega event. - M. S. Dhoni-

We don't need to ask him what he is doing. I think he should ask himself whether he is satisfied with what he is doing and where will all these things lead us to. - Bishan Singh Bedi-

His manner of doing things is quite different from others. And those according to him are right! There have been ups and down for Chappell. I would suggest to give him some more time. - Chris Cairns-