When money isn't everthing...

Shaik Jafreen and Sania.-

In what’s definitely a fine gesture, Sania Mirza has come forward to provide free training to the Deaflympics player Shaik Jafreen from Kurnool district of Andhra Pradesh. When Sania came to know about the plight of the passionate, 15-year-old young talent in finding financial support to pursue her career, she called up the girl’s parents and asked them to bring their ward to the Sania Mirza Tennis Academy.

And when Jafreen, accompanied by her father, a small-time advocate who even disposed of his property to raise funds for his daughter’s tennis career, came to the Academy, Sania and Imran Mirza (Sania’s dad) made it clear that the girl could train free of cost and would be extended all support to realise her dream of making it big.

“We are not here to make money only. We will help all those who are talented and genuinely in need of some kind of support in terms of getting the facilities,” said Sania. “We want to continue the legacy of the sport. And, it was great to see a girl like Jafreen (impaired in speech and hearing) show such passion for the sport. Let us see how we can help her out,” Sania remarked.

V. V. Subrahmanyam