A total number of 147 goals — 72 in each half and three in the extra time — were scored in 64 matches at an average of 2.29 goals per match, compared to 161 in Japan/Korea in 2002 (average 2.51) and 171 in France in 1998 (average 2.67). 110 players scored these goals.

Germany's striker Miroslav Klose leads the list of goal scorers with five goals in seven matches.

Brazil's striker Ronaldo, Argentina's Hernan Crespo and Maxi Rodriguez, Frenchmen Zinedine Zidane and Thierry Henry, Spain's David Villa and Fernando Torres and Germany's Lukas Podolski shared the second spot with three goals each.

In the last World Cup played jointly in Japan and Korea, 109 players scored 161 goals including three self-goals.

The 64 matches of the 2006 tournament drew 3,359,439 spectators in the 12 stadiums, at an average of 52,491 spectators per match, compared to 2,708,538 spectators in Japan/Korea in 2002 (average 42,320) and 2,785,100 in France in 1998 (average 43,517). A total number of 345 yellow and 28 red cards were shown in the 2006 tournament. As many as 272 yellow and 17 red cards were shown in the last tournament in 2002.


6 Argentina-6 v Serbia & Montenegro-0 in Gelsenkirchen, 16-06-2006.

6 Germany-4 v Costa Rica-2 in Munich, 09-06-2006.

5 Brazil-4 v Japan-1 in Dortmund, 22-06-2006.

5 Ivory Coast-3 v Serbia & Montenegro-2 in Munich, 21-06-2006.


6-0 Argentina beat Serbia & Montenegro in Gelsenkirchen, 16-06-2006.

4-0 Spain beat Ukraine in Leipzig, 14-06-2006.

4-0 Ukraine beat Saudi Arabia in Hamburg, 19-06-2006.

4-1 Brazil beat Japan in Dortmund, 22-06-2006.

3-0 Ecuador beat Costa Rica in Hamburg, 15-06-2006.

3-0 Germany beat Ecuador in Berlin, 20-06-2006.

3-0 Czech Republic beat United States in Gelsenkirchen, 12-06-2006.

3-0 Brazil beat Ghana in Dortmund, 27-06-2006.

3-0 Italy beat Ukraine in Hamburg, 30-06-2006.


Sweden v Trinidad & Tobago in Dortmund, 10-06-2006.

Argentina v Holland in Frankfurt, 21-06-2006. Mexico v Angola in Hanover, 16-06-2006. Japan v Croatia in Nuremberg, 18-06-2006.

France v Switzerland in Stuttgart, 13-06-2006.

Switzerland v Ukraine in Cologne (Ukraine won 3-0 on pen), 26-06-2006.

England v Portugal in Gelsenkirchen (Portugal won 3-1 on pen), 01-07-2006.


2 Miroslav Klose (Germany) v Costa Rica in Munich, 09-06-2006.

2 Paulo Wanchope (Costa Rica) v Germany in Munich, 09-06-2006.

2 Miroslav Klose (Germany) v Ecuador in Berlin, 20-06-2006.

2 Bartosz Bosacki (Poland) v Costa Rica in Hanover, 20-06-2006.

2 Maxi Rodriguez (Argentina) v Serbia & Montenegro in Gelsenkirchen, 16-06-2006.

2 Aruna Dindane (Ivory Coast) v Serbia & Montenegro in Munich, 21-06-2006.

2 Omar Bravo (Mexico) v Iran in Nuremberg, 11-06-2006.

2 Tomas Rosicky (Czech Republic) v USA in Gelsenkirchen, 12-06-2006.

2 Tim Cahill (Australia) v Japan in Kaiserslautern, 12-06-2006.

2 Ronaldo (Brazil) v Japan in Dortmund, 22-06-2006.

2 David Villa (Spain) v Ukraine in Leipzig, 14-06-2006.

2 Fernando Torres (Spain) v Tunisia in Stuttgart, 19-06-2006.

2 Lukas Podolski (Germany) v Sweden in Munich, 24-06-2006.

2 Luca Toni (Italy) v Ukraine in Hamburg, 30-06-2006.

2 Bastian Schweinsteiger (Germany) v Portugal in Stuttgart, 08-07-2006.


Carlos Gamarra (Paraguay) v England in Frankfurt, 10-06-2006.

Cristian Zaccardo (Italy) v United States in Kaiserslautern, 17-06-2006.

Brent Sancho (Trinidad & Tobago) v Paraguay in Kaiserslautern, 20-06-2006.

Petit (Portugal) v Germany in Stuttgart, 08-07-2006.

Compiled by S. Pervez Qaiser