World Cup Quiz

THE biggest quadrennial cricket extravaganza on the planet had its genesis in 1975 with eight teams in the fray battling it out for the tag of World Champions in the shorter variety of the game. A quiz on the 1975 and 1979 events when the mighty West Indians took the honours.

1. Simple one to open the innings. Name the company that provided the financial backing to the first two World Cups (and the third too) and what was the trophy called?

2. The first-ever match in World Cup history was between England and India on June 7, 1975 at Lord's. Which Indian, a hero of the 1983 Cup, bowled the first-ever ball and who scored 137, the first of many a century seen in the competition?

3. Apart from the six Test playing nations of that time, the 1975 and 1979 events featured a future World champion, an American nation and an African country. Name them.

4. The biggest margin of victories in the 1975 World Cup was by 10 wickets and 202 runs. Which country featured in both the matches?

5. This stocky Australian all-rounder, who took six for 14 and hit 28 in the semifinal and scalped five for 48 in the final, was one of the biggest stars of 1975. Name him.

6. "As I waited for the bowler to run up and bowl, my mind used to be made up to have a shy at the ball, but as soon as the ball was delivered, my feet would move to a position for a defensive shot," wrote a legend who is still infamous for his unbeaten knock in 1975. Who, and on which knock?

7. The 1975 final, probably the most exciting of them all and held on the longest day of the year (21st June), saw five run outs undo a spirited Australian chase. Three of those were because of a brilliant fielder who was the star of the 1979 final. Who was he?

8. The 1979 edition saw India being captained by player who had led it in 1975 and who will also feature in the 2003 edition in a different capacity. Name him.

9. Five players took two Man of the Match awards in the 1975 and 1979 Cups combined. Name all of them.

10. What dubious first did the 1979 match between Sri Lanka and West Indies set?

11. Name the personalities: (i): He was dismissed hit-wicket in the 1975 summit clash; (ii): He had enviable bowling figures of 12-8-6-1; (iii): He lost his favourite cap in the melee following the 1975 final only to see a bus conductor sporting it later!; (iv); He claimed five for 4 in 11 balls, after being twice on a hat-trick, in the 1979 final.

12. Family business. Who were the first trio of brothers to play on the same side?

13. Apart from the West Indies, which four other nations made the last four in the first two World Cups?

14. A bizarre match in 1979 was played over three days, thanks to the weather and a Sunday in-between. Who were the rivals, later to become champions in future World Cups?

15. Who was the only Indian to win a Man of the Match award in the 30 matches spread over eight years?


1. Prudential Insurance and the 18 � inch, 89 � ounce silverware was christened Prudential Cup. West Indies took home 4000 Pounds for its triumph.

2. Madan Lal and Dennis Amiss.

3. Sri Lanka (in both the editions), East Africa (1975) and Canada (1979).

4. India, losing to England in the opener and beating East Africa at Leeds.

5. Gary Gilmour.

6. Sunil Gavaskar on his 36 in 60 overs against England. Incidentally he finished second in the batting averages of the tourney.

7. Vivian Richards, who scored 138 in the 1979 final.

8. S. Venkataraghavan, the off-spinner turned umpire.

9. Clive Lloyd, Alvin Kallicharran, Gordon Greenidge (all West Indies), Graham Gooch (England) and Glenn Turner (New Zealand).

10. The first to be abandoned without a ball being bowled.

11. (i): Roy Fredricks, (ii): Bishan Singh Bedi, (iii): Dickie Bird the umpire; (iv): Joel Garner.

12. The Hadlees (D.R., R.J. and B.G.) of New Zealand.

13. Australia, New Zealand, Pakistan and England.

14. Sri Lanka and India. 15. Farokh Engineer. — Compiled by V. V. Ramanan