McLaren chairman Ron Dennis believes at least "one or two" Formula One teams are in danger of folding before the end of the 2016 season. 

Since 2011 there have been six teams exit F1, with several constructors' lasting just two or three years in the sport. 

Out of the eight teams to join since 2009 only one - Mercedes - remains in their current format, with Haas, Manor and a re-branded Renault joining in 2016. 

However, Dennis predicts there will be more casualties before the end of the season, citing their plight as a consequence of their own financial mismanagement.

"Certain teams are currently experiencing hardship, and in fact I wouldn't be too surprised if one or two of those teams fail to make it to the end of the season," he told F1 Racing.

"The managers of such teams get into such positions because they spend more money than they have. It's the same in any business, if you spend more money than you have, then you're going to find yourself in difficult territory.

"But this sport is addictive, and people always think their car's next performance upgrade is miraculously going to make it competitive, so they overspend. One of the disciplines you need in Formula 1 is to learn how not to do that. You have to apportion your revenue meticulously.

"Even an organisation such as ours, which is robust, solvent and healthy, deliberately constrains capital spending at certain times in order to make sure we're always able to execute perfectly the operation of our team.

"But I don't think that discipline necessarily sits in all the other teams. I don't fear an implosion, but undoubtedly some teams are less secure than others."