F1 has gone in the wrong direction - Wolff

Hybrid engines and the halo system lead Mercedes boss Toto Wolff's gripes with the shape of Formula One.

Toto Wolff is not a fan of modern F1 cars or halo   -  Getty Images

Mercedes chief Toto Wolff believes Formula One has been taken in the "wrong direction on the track".

The German is not a fan of the hybrid engines introduced in 2014, suggesting they take away from the spectacle, and thinks an alternative to the halo head protection system should have been found.

However, he believes F1 owner Liberty Media is making the right moves with regards the sport's future.

"Liberty is taking more of a long-term perspective, which I see as a positive. But there are many decisions that have been taken – under both old and new regimes – that I consider tricky," Wolff told Motor Sport.

"We have to fight against many other sports on different entertainment platforms and can't afford to undermine the show. It's a complex microcosm and you have to make careful judgments about what should or should not be implemented.

"F1 has gone in the wrong direction on the track – the cars are not spectacular enough and we've introduced the halo when we should have found something more aesthetically appealing.

"I could list 10 other things, but it wouldn't be fair to do so in public. We have a legacy to carry, we have responsibilities and I feel everybody should be aware of that."

Lewis Hamilton claimed his fourth world title in 2017 and is a leading candidate to top the standings again in the upcoming campaign.

Wolff says Hamilton is already among the greatest drivers in history and is capable of breaking even more records before retiring.

"Clearly the statistics show that he's among the greatest Formula One drivers of all time – that's a fact," added the Mercedes boss.

"In terms of records, he has beaten some and might yet beat others, but it's not easy. It's best to recognise the greats once they've called it a day, that's the moment to sum it all up. He's already part of a group of the very best F1 drivers, but he can achieve even more.

"He has great talent, a good work ethic, intelligent racecraft and empathy. His most impressive character trait is perhaps the way he develops all those skills constantly inside and outside the car."