Formula One teams unanimously veto new tyres for 2020

After being tested at the end of the 2019 season, FIA has confirmed that new tyres will not be introduced for the 2020 Formula One campaign.

Drivers provided mainly negative feedback about the new Pirelli tyres.   -  Getty Images

Formula One teams have unanimously voted against introducing new tyres for 2020, with the 2019 specification tyres to be used instead.

The prototype 2020 specification, developed by Pirelli, was designed to reduce tyre degradation, provide a wider working temperature range and lower overheating in dirty air.

New tyres were debuted at the United States Grand Prix in Austin in November, though drivers provided mainly negative feedback.

And the FIA has now confirmed there will be no change of tyre for the 2020 season, with this year's specification remaining in place.

"The FIA would like to thank both Pirelli and all the teams for their work and collaboration to improve the tyres for the 2020 season and beyond," an FIA statement read.

"In any case, the lessons learnt will be invaluable for the further improvement of the tyres in the future."

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