The Formula One 2022 season will get underway on Sunday with the Bahrain Grand Prix and after last season's fight that went right down to the final lap of the final race, reigning world champion Max Verstappen of Red Bull and seven-time world champion Lewis Hamilton of Mercedes will be on sword's end in pursuit for the Championship from the word go.

The Championship race and its anthology has been one full of unexpected turns and twists every week and this season is expected to be a similar one.

To discuss the same, Formula One analyst and journalist Mathhew Marsh will be live streaming the GOF1 Show. Marsh is a former professional racer who won the Porsche Carrera Cup Asia in 2004 and was the first driver to represent Hong Kong in the 24 Hours of Le Mans.

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After retiring from racing, Marsh has been involved with several media projects, including with Fox Sports and has decided to begin another project - the GOF1 show, which involves interactions after every F1 race with professionals in the sport -- through interviews and real time questions from viewers.

This time the show has F1 Technical Analyst Craig Scarborough as the special guest, with insights from former F1 driver Alex Yoong.

Bahrain GP brings back memories of last year with the on-road scuffle between Verstappen and Hamilton, with teams of both drivers critical of track limit rules. With Verstappen lifting the championship last time, the beginning of this season at Bahrain will be the perfect launchpad to get the ball rolling for a rivalry that continues to heat up with every race.

Watch the Video after the race below: