Red Bull driver Max Verstappen has sensationally hit back at comments from ex-Formula One driver Jacques Villeneuve, who claimed the Dutchman is "going to kill someone" if he continues his aggressive approach.

The young Belgian driver has been clouded in controversy in recent races, with several aggressive manoeuvres leaving fellow drivers less than impressed with his efforts.

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Following another battle with Ferrari's Kimi Raikkonen at the Belgian Grand Prix, the Finn stated Verstappen is going to cause a major collision if he does not change his ways. 

But Verstappen has kept a firm stance amid all the criticism, including Villeneuve's extreme comments, with the 18-year-old lashing back in forthright fashion at the one-time F1 world champion.

"He should watch a little with his statements that someone dies, because he himself has killed someone," Verstappen said.

His comments are in reference to the race marshal who died at the Australian Grand Prix in 2001 when he was hit by debris from Villeneuve's car following a high-speed crash.

"He has to look at himself. I think what he says is not respectful to the family of the deceased marshal," Verstappen added.