Vettel: F1 needs element of danger

"The sport in some way has to remain dangerous so to say, because that's what's appealing to people," Ferrari driver Sebastian Vettel has said.

Sebastian Vettel praised the street circuit at Baku, Azerbaijan.

Formula One must maintain a level of danger in order to keep fans entertained, according to four-time world champion Sebastian Vettel.Safety measures have reduced the risk of injury within the sport over the years and the current crop of drivers are able to reach top speeds of 200 miles per hour on some tracks.

When the teams do spot problems with the track, changes are swiftly made – like in Baku, when some kerbs were removed ahead of the European Grand Prix. Vettel is proud of the improvements made to the sport's safety, but says some elements of danger must remain to maintain F1's appeal.

"The sport in some way has to remain dangerous so to say, because that's what's appealing to people," he told an FIA Sport Conference in Turin. "If you lose that ingredient, people don't sense anymore that it's something out of their reach and out of their world and becomes less exciting. It has to be done the right way, which they're trying very hard to do. Next year's regulations should be a step up for at least us, the drivers, for us it's always great, the faster we go. We're not stepping back in any regard. It's a step forward."

He added: "I think racing should keep its core pillars and speed is one of them. The cornering speeds we can do are incredible and that has remained one of the main pillars throughout. To some extent the danger [is key] as well, because that's what also makes it exciting. 

"Just coming from Baku, the circuit got a lot of criticism for being too dangerous, but I disagree. I think the FIA and the organisers did a hell of a job fitting that racetrack in a place not made for racing, but it's fantastic. 

"It's a spectacular venue, there is very little room for error and that's what makes it so exciting. That's what made it exciting in the past and that's what makes it exciting today."

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