FIA announces 2019 F1 changes to boost overtaking

Formula One will welcome changes to aerodynamic regulations in 2019, in a bid to aid overtaking, following a vote on Monday.

Formula One world champion Lewis Hamilton   -  Getty Images

The FIA has announced aerodynamic regulation changes for the 2019 Formula One season in a bid to aid overtaking and closer racing.

There were concerns following the Australian Grand Prix earlier this year that overtaking is limited under the current regulations.

And this has led to a vote for change, after a presentation at the Bahrain Grand Prix, despite Liberty Media having already announced wholesale alterations to come into place in 2021.

An e-vote on Monday approved a simplified front wing, with a larger span and low outwash potential, a simplified front brake duct with no winglets and a wider and deeper rear wing.

It has been reported that numerous high-profile teams - including Ferrari and Red Bull - opposed the changes.

Mercedes were allegedly among those in favour of the new regulations.

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