Goodbye Shoey, hello Helmety? Ricciardo plans new celebration

The sight of Red Bull's Daniel Ricciardo doing a celebratory 'Shoey' may be over, but he has a new plan!

Patrick Stewart does a "Shoey" at the 2017 Canadian Grand Prix   -  Getty Images

Daniel Ricciardo is ready to unveil a new podium celebration after the 'Shoey' was reportedly trademarked by Formula One.

Images of Ricciardo drinking champagne from his race boot have become iconic in recent seasons, the Australian even getting the likes of Patrick Stewart, Gerard Butler and Mark Webber to join him.

However, reports have suggested F1 bosses have registered the name in relation to merchandise, leaving Ricciardo to come up with a new approach – which could involve his race helmet.

"I heard something about that," Ricciardo told reporters when asked about the 'Shoey' ahead of the Spanish Grand Prix.

"To be honest I stayed off the internet for pretty much the whole time, but they trademarked the Shoey? I don't know what that means.

"Can I still do it or are they going to fine me every time? I'll take my helmet up there and do a 'Helmety' or something!

"I'll find out more about that. Hopefully they're not trying to stitch me up."

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