I feel like I've been run over by a truck or had 15 pints - Crutchlow

Cal Crutchlow said he was struggling to move on his back after leaving hospital to secure a top-10 finish in Le Mans.

Cal Crutchlow in Le Mans   -  Getty Images

Cal Crutchlow said he feels like he had been "run over by a truck or had 15 pints" after finishing a remarkable eighth in the French Grand Prix a day after a horrific crash which left him unable to breathe.

The Honda rider spent Saturday night in hospital following a huge high side during qualifying in Le Mans which left him with internal bleeding and a contusion.

Crutchlow was cleared to race and secured a top-10 finish on the same track where he was in such a bad way 24 hours earlier.

He told BT Sport: "On the bike the pain was not that great [during the race], I just couldn't move very well. I feel groggy more than anything, I feel that I've been run over by a truck or had 15 pints or whatever, but in the grand scheme of things we came off very lightly.

"The concern was I couldn't breathe at the side of the track for a long time and then to get back to the medical centre here they did a great job with me, because they sent me straight to the hospital after an hour so stabilising my breathing with oxygen.

"It was just my lungs had blood in them, we thought my pelvis was broken - that was one of the biggest impact areas. Then I did a CT scan and proteins in the heart were reading very, very high, which we think was from contusion.

"Also the liver, so I had to stay in overnight and then I couldn't breathe very well because of the bleeding on the lung but I managed to get out this morning, they did a good job in hospital and then I tried to do the warm-up when I was able and I said I wanted to do the race."

Marc Marquez claimed another victory to increase his lead in the MotoGP standings to 36 points.

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