The first Formula One driver from India, Narain Kathikeyan, feels the motorsports system in India needs to reboot for better thinking and coordination to get the country back on the fast track.

Factionalism and egotistic behaviour of the officials running the show have crippled the system making the scenario bleak, feels Narain, who was the first to realise that Indians have the talent to race in F1.

“The system itself is flawed. There are many factions, no one is coming together. There needs to be a huge change,” Narain said alongside the MRF Challenge event here.

“When I drove, the system was much more unified. We did everything in a constructive manner,” he added.

Narain, who is helping MRF with his experience and ideas to develop machines and tyres for the F2000 cars, said the national association (FMSCI) needs someone to anchor a big revival. “The guy who is leading the show should take responsibility in making sure that everything comes together,” he said.

Narain said the absence of proper support is holding up the process of new drivers coming on to the F1 scene. “The problem is we have not seen a really fast Indian driver graduating to the next level. Not that we don’t have talent, but it is about the support.

“MRF is building the cars, they are putting up the infrastructure, but there is no system yet from where we can find good drivers in India,” said Narain said.

The India Grand Prix can get back to rail only if the government shows interest and gets involved, felt Karthikeyan. “I don’t think it (GP) will happen again. The involvement of F1 promoters is also not there.

“The government has to show its interest in hosting F1. Without government support it is impossible. Most of the GPs around the world have the support of the government support,” said Narain.