Nexa P1: Coleman duo in lead

The experienced siblings from England lead with 40 points (20 points for first stop) after two races on Saturday, negotiating choppy waters off the Marine Drive with ease.

People gather at the Marine Drive to watch the powerboats in action.   -  Vivek Bendre

Daisy Coleman, whirling around in the navigator seat, guided younger brother Sam, driving the Baleno RS Booster Jets to first place in race one and race two in the Nexa P1 Powerboating.

The experienced siblings from England lead with 40 points (20 points for first stop) after two races on Saturday, negotiating choppy waters off the Marine Drive with ease. Fifteen laps of a course set out by buoys bobbing in the sea marked the 5.2km route for the Panther class boats to plough through, spraying water in their wake.

The Colemans, first in Friday’s time trials, lead in the overall team championship. Team Baleno’s second pair of C. S. Santosh & Martin Robinson (driver & navigator) in the second boat were eighth (10 points) and ninth (nine points) respectively in the two 15-lappers on Saturday, accumulating 19 points and swelling the team tally to 59 (40 + 19). Teamwork from both sets of driver/navigator will decide the champion on Sunday. Race three is over 20 laps and cumulative points per team will be calculated.

Lloyd Dolphins is second overall (57), MoneyOnMobile Martins third (52), followed by Ultra Sharks (Gaurav Gill driving one boat) in fourth place. The Indian rally ace marked his P1 debut with controlled riding to end up in sixth and fifth positions respectively. Motocross and cross-country motorbike racer Santosh’s showing in the third and final race will influence Baleno RS team’s final placings. He also made an impression on Sam Coleman on P1’s India debut.

The Briton said: “Santosh is very fit and getting better with each race. We will be spending time together to discuss the racing lines. Fitness becomes critical over 20 laps you need to complete in the third and final race, held in hot conditions. It is likely that he may keep going when others are tiring,” said Sam Coleman, explaining that back home powerboat races stretch to six laps over rough waters. Fifteen laps in searing heat took its toll on Mirchi Mavericks duo of John Donnelly and Kevin Burdock, with the boat capsizing on lap 15.

Rescue teams rushed to the spot in the sea and the British driver and navigator were pulled out. P1 technical team clarified that both have recovered and are declared fit to compete further. Mick Pritchard, Technical Director of the Mumbai P1 event, informed that C. S. Santosh and Gaurav Gill have been certified fit to compete in powerboat racing. “Participants need to complete three Superstock category races, a condition both of them have fulfilled when completing the second race.” It is learnt the two raced in a Superstock category event earlier.

Santosh’s team-mate, Sam Coleman and sister Daisy, were the star performers. Pole position in race one put them in 12th place in race two starting grid, as per regulations. Bursting into the lead by the third lap, they won easily.

Placings after two races (team name, driver & navigator, points)

1. Baleno RS Booster Rockets 59 (Sam Coleman & Daisy Coleman 40 + C S Santosh & Martin Robinson 19).

2. Lloyd Dolhpins 57 (Craig Wilson & William Enriquez 30 + Stuart Cureton & Sara Cureton 27).

3. MoneyOnMobile Martins 52 (James Norvill & Christian Parsons-Young 31 + Glynn Norvall & Lee Norvall 21).

4. Ultra Sharks 41 (Gaurav Gill & George Ivey 25 + Neil Jackson & Jason Jackson 16).

5. Mirchi Mavericks 37 (David Taft & Fredrick Bastian 20 + John Donnelly & Kevin Burdock 17).

6. HVR Racing 19 (Darren Nicholson & Giovanni Carpetilla 12 + Frank Silva & Tony Ianotta 7).

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