P1 time trials: Siblings Sam and Daisy emerge fastest

The brother and sister duo from Wales (driver & navigator for Baleno Booster Jets) finished in two minutes, 25.73 seconds.

Competitors in action at the Marine Drive.   -  Vivek Bendre

Siblings Sam Coleman and Daisy Coleman were the fastest in time trials on Friday over two laps of a 5.2km course at the Nexa P1 Powerboat and will be rewarded with pole position for the first of two races on Saturday.

The brother and sister duo from Wales (driver & navigator for Baleno Booster Jets) finished in two minutes, 25.73 seconds, edging out James Norvil and Christian Parsons-Young duo (driver & navigator for MoneyOnMobile Martins) timed a close second in two minutes, 25.74 seconds.

Indian participants Gaurav Gill and C. S. Santosh, racing for the first time ever in P1, will start in seventh and ninth places respectively in the first race, comprising 15 laps over the waters off Marine Drive on Saturday. Sunday will see the 12 Panther class powerboats representing six teams (two boats per team) skimming through the waters for 20 laps over two races. Nexa P1 is the first time ever in Powerboat history that a race track is built on water using buoys, resulting in the boats navigating through parallel lines of buoys.

Race day will see a massed start over the 70km wide track on water, narrowing to 50m wide along the way to the finish. P1 rules do not permit contact between boats when bursting through gaps between crafts. Touching between boats will result in both teams of drivers & navigators getting suspended.

Mandatory race regulations demand a pit lap on the course, which each boat has to complete twice on Saturday and thrice on Sunday. The Panter class boats are built to ride the waters at high speed, reaching about 120 km per hour at times. Procam International is conducting India’s first-ever powerboat race under the aegis of Yachting Association of India.

Times trials results:

1. Baleno RS Booster Jets (Sam Coleman & Daisy Coleman 02:25:73). 2. Money On Mobile Marlins (James Norvill & Christian Parsons-Young 02:25:74). 3. Mirchi Maverics (John Donnelly & Kevin Burdock) 02:26:63. 4. Lloyd Dolphins (Craig Wilson & William Enriquez) 02:27:34. 5. Ultra Sharks, Neil Jackson & Jason Jackson 02:27:67. 6. Lloyd Dolphins, Stuart Cureton & Sara Cureton 02:29:02. 7. Ultra Sharks, Gaurav Gill & George Ivey 02:30:60. 8. HVR Racing, Darren Nicholson & Giovanni Carpitella 02:30:67. 9.  Baleno RS Booster Jets, CS Santosh & Martin Robinson 02:31:54. 10. Money On Mobile Marlins, Glynn Norvall & Lee Norvall 02:31:55. 11. Mirichi Maverics (David Taft & Frederick Bastien) 02:33:63. 12. HVR Racing (Frank Silva & Tony Iannotta 02:33:5).

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