Team TVS Racing's K.P. Aravind and Abdhul Wahid Tanveer are gearing up for the PanAfrica Rally 2018, to be held in Morocco from September 8 to 15. The PanAfrica Rally, characterised by technical, fast and sandy tracks, is designed to test road-book navigation.

K.P. Aravind, who has recovered after sustaining an injury at Dakar 2018, said at a press conference here on Thursday, “This is my first event after the injury. I'm excited to be back on the bike. When you make a comeback from an injury, you doubt yourself. But over time, it gets normal and muscle memory comes back. The fighting spirit is there.”

Aravind added that he is focussed on preparing well for the 2019 Dakar Rally. “My aim is to get as much saddle time ahead of Dakar 2019. The TVS team has been extremely supportive during my injury time-out, and I have been working hard on my fitness".

Tanveer, who finished third in the Group A (upto 450cc) category at the India Baja 2018 held earlier this month, said. “The bikes we use (RTR 450) are heavier, because they need to hold more petrol. It has a higher stance too, so it requires a different riding style. It takes a lot more effort to manoeuvre the bike.”

The team will also participate in Oilibya Rally-Morocco to be held from October 7 to 13.