Max Verstappen says he will not change his style of racing despite drawing the ire of Formula One world champion Lewis Hamilton after a collision at the Bahrain Grand Prix.

Red Bull's Verstappen made contact with Hamilton as he passed the Brit early in last week's race, although it was his own car that was damaged to the point that he later had to retire.

Hamilton went on to finish third, but after the race claimed that Verstappen had lacked respect with his attempted manoeuvre.

However, ahead of the Chinese Grand Prix, the Dutchman has responded, insisting there was "nothing crazy" about the incident with the Mercedes driver.

"I was in the car, so I felt it, saw it," he told a news conference. "That's racing. You can say what you like about the incident. It was a fair chance.

"There was nothing crazy, nothing risky. This time it didn't work out."

Asked whether he felt the need to have a conversation with Hamilton, Verstappen replied: "I might have a talk with him if it's really necessary.

"But why should I change something? I don't think I did anything wrong in my approach. It's quite simple and easy to blame the younger driver. That's the only way I can see it. These things happen."

And despite failing to reach the podium in the opening two races of the season, the 20-year-old's targets remain the same.

"It's always important to score points - that's the target," he said. "We're here to finish on the podium and win races. That's what we're trying to do. There won't be a change."