Celebrating Bangladesh's 100th Test

Bangladesh captain Mushfiqur Rahim (middle) and team-mates celebrate their victory over Sri Lanka in the second and final Test at the P. Sara Oval Stadium in Colombo. This was also Bangladesh’s 100th Test.   -  AFP

Bangladesh recently celebrated playing its 100th Test match by beating Sri Lanka in its own backyard, at the P. Sara Stadium, in Colombo. Bangladesh had never previously won a Test against Sri Lanka, making it a new scalp, after having recently beaten England also for the first time. Bangladesh has now won Tests against Zimbabwe, West Indies, England and Sri Lanka.

Time Taken By The Five Youngest Test Nations To Beat Four Other Test Nations

S. No.TeamYearsMatchesTeams Beaten
1India27 (1932 to 1959)64Eng, Pak, NZ and Aus
2Pakistan4 (1952 to 1956)18Ind, Eng, NZ and Aus
3Sri Lanka11 (1982 to 1993)43Ind, Pak, NZ and Eng
4Zimbabwe*NA (since 1992)NA (101)Ind, Pak and Bang
5Bangladesh17 (2000 to 2017)100Zim, WI, Eng and SL

* Zimbabwe are yet to beat four other Test nations


Let us see how Bangladesh fares when compared to the other teams in relation to how long the others took to beat four different Test nations. Out of the 10 current Test nations, five achieved Test status prior to 1930, and five after. To keep this analysis relatively fair, the earlier five Test nations (Australia, England, South Africa, West Indies and New Zealand) have been excluded (since there were only fewer teams playing at the time) and this comparison will, therefore, only be amongst the newer five nations — India, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, Zimbabwe and Bangladesh.

Pakistan is clearly the fastest to have achieved this feat, having beaten four different Test nations in only its first four years and 18 Tests. In terms of matches, Bangladesh is the slowest (100), apart from Zimbabwe, which has not yet beaten four different Test nations, despite having played Test cricket for eight more years than Bangladesh. Let us also take a look at the Test records of these five teams after 100 Tests each.

Records Of The Five Youngest Test Nations after 100 Tests Each

S. No.TeamMatWonLostDrawW/L Ratio
3Sri Lanka1001840420.45




Once again, Pakistan tops the chart, with the most wins (19) and best win-loss ratio (0.73) after 100 Tests, followed by Sri Lanka in both departments. Bangladesh is the worst in both departments, even poorer than Zimbabwe, and has lost an incredible 76 out of its 100 Tests. While it should be proud of and celebrate the victory against Sri Lanka in its 100th Test, Bangladesh certainly has a lot of work to do if it hopes to bring about a semblance of respectability to its Test record.


Q & AI read and learnt about Cheteshwar Pujara playing the longest Test innings by an Indian. However, it seems like he must have also scored one of the slowest double hundreds by an Indian. Am I correct?

— Dhananjai Hari, Hyderabad, Andhra Pradesh

You are, indeed, correct. Cheteshwar Pujara’s marathon innings of 202 off 525 balls was the longest innings by an Indian, but his double century off 521 balls was also the slowest by an Indian, going past Navjot Sidhu’s record of 488 balls against West Indies in Port of Spain in 1997. The world record for the slowest double century is held by Sri Lanka’s Brendon Kuruppu who scored a double century off 548 balls against New Zealand in Colombo in 1987.

Sri Lanka recently managed to lose a Test against Bangladesh despite scoring 300-plus runs in both innings. Is this common?

— Suvojit Halder, Kolkata, West Bengal

While not common, this is not particularly uncommon either. Overall, 29 Tests have been lost by a team scoring 300-plus runs in both innings. However, Sri Lanka’s loss to Bangladesh in the second Test of the recently-concluded series was special in this regard since it was the first time that Sri Lanka had lost a home Test despite scoring 300-plus runs in both innings. But Sri Lanka itself had lost two previous away Tests in this fashion, to India (Mumbai, 2009) and South Africa (Cape Town, 1998).

Ravindra Jadeja seems to have taken a five-wicket haul and made a 50-plus score multiple times this season. Has anyone done this so often?

— Shohini Sengupta, Noida, National Capital Region

That’s extremely well spotted Shohini. Ravindra Jadeja has, in fact, performed the double of five wickets and a 50-plus score in the same Test, three times in this 2016/17 season — against New Zealand, England and Australia. No other Indian player has achieved this feat three times in the same season. Only three players have ever done this — Ian Botham (twice, 1978 and 1984), Imran Khan (1982-83) and Malcolm Marshall (1984-85).