Qualification process:


NOCs limited to one boat per event. Qualification spots were earned as follows:

World Championships: The top placed boats. 18 qualification spots were available in the K-1 events, and 11 in the C-1.

Continental Qualification Events: 1 qualification spot was available for each continent. These were assigned to continents based on World Championship results: the best ranked non-qualifying NOCs from three different continents at the World Championships earned their continent one boat qualification place.

Tripartite Commission: Canoeing (both slalom and sprint) has a total of 2 qualification spots that would be awarded through Tripartite Commission invitations.


Sprint:  A similar qualification process with an additional opportunity to qualify through World Cup 2 next year.

India watch:

India is yet to feature in Canoeing in the Olympics. No clarity on the participation for the World Championships in August-September this year and the Asian Canoe Championships in March next year and it is highly unlikely that India will qualify for the Olympics this time as well.


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