Coronavirus: Jon Rahm favours delayed Ryder Cup

Staging the Ryder Cup in 2020 without fans would be unfair, according to world number two Jon Rahm, who would prefer the tournament to be delayed.

Jon Rahm, currently the world number two, is in agreement that the Ryder Cup should be postponed if fans cannot attend.   -  Getty Images

Jon Rahm has echoed the views of Rory McIlroy and Brooks Koepka by stating the Ryder Cup should not go ahead this year if fans cannot be present.

The 43rd Ryder Cup is due to be held at Whistling Straits in Wisconsin at the end of September, shortly after the rescheduled U.S. Open.

The PGA Tour has been suspended since last month due to the outbreak of the coronavirus, though tournaments are set to return in June, albeit without fans in attendance.

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However, the prospect of such restrictions being in place for the notoriously raucous duel between Europe and the United States has been met with disapproval from world number one Rory McIlroy and Brooks Koepka, the man third in the rankings.

Rahm, currently the world number two, is in agreement that the Ryder Cup should be postponed if fans cannot attend.

Speaking to Sky Sports Golf, the Spaniard said: "We all want to be a part of the Ryder Cup, and I want to go there this year, win more than one point this time and hopefully retain the Cup on US soil.

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"Of course I really want to play and be a part of the European team. It's a lot of fun and a unique experience.

"I have heard the rumours about a possible Ryder Cup with no spectators and, for me, a Ryder Cup without the spectators is just not a Ryder Cup.

"It's the one tournament of the year where we're not playing for ourselves, we're playing for Europe, we're playing for the United States, and it's for the fans.

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"There are 50,000 people following four groups over the first two days and the atmosphere is what it is because of the fans.

"So, if they're not there, it's just 24 guys playing golf over a weekend with people watching at home. It just wouldn't be the same thing.

"And it wouldn't be fair for the US team either if they don't have the home support, which is always a big factor. The Ryder Cup in Paris would not be the same without the atmosphere we had.

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"If it was up to me, and I hope I'm not alone in this, I think they should just delay it and be able to get it done in 2021 with spectators.

"These are unusual circumstances, and I don't think it's worth playing if you don't have spectators. It's not the same thing for us, it's not the same thing for the fans, and it's not fair to the game of golf in general.

"So I think they can afford to wait a year and have it done like it's supposed to be done."

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