Kumble’s Tenvic to promote sports in Andhra Pradesh schools

Tenvic’s Special Chief Secretary L. V. Subrahmanyam said the initiative will be crucial for Andhra Pradesh – as it strives to establish an identity in the field of sports post its bifurcation.

Anil Kumble’s Tenvic will identify and monitor every child, along with setting goals and helping them achieve it.   -  Getty Images

Former India international Anil Kumble’s sports company - Tenvic - is all set play an active role in inculcating a structured sports culture in 31 established private schools spread across the 13 districts of Andhra Pradesh.

Speaking to Sportstar on Friday, Special Chief Secretary (Sports) L. V. Subrahmanyam said that the Bangalore-based outfit was shortlisted after a tender process and its track record looked impressive on paper.

“As Sports Authority of Andhra Pradesh (SAAP) is burdened with its regular chores we wanted to involve a professional agency to strengthen sports at the grassroots at school level. Even the school managements are unable to spare time to follow a systematic and scientific way of promoting sports owing to academic compulsions.”

He said these adopted schools will enter into contract with Tenvic, which will take care of the training, evaluation, exposure and infrastructure aspects.

Mr. Subrahmanyam said this initiative will be crucial for Andhra Pradesh which was striving for an identity in the field of sports after bifurcation. “Final touches to the project will be given soon after the arrival of SAAP Managing Director N. Bangara Raju from his Europe trip”.

He said the crux of the initiative was long-term athletic development. “A ten-year plan is imperative to produce world champions by meticulously following fixation of milestones, process of reaching them, evaluation, nutrition, recovery and these activities should be monitored, recorded and documented on a daily basis”.

He said the agency had a daunting task, as it has to identify and monitor every child; set goals and help him or her to achieve it. “Tenvic is doing it in schools at Karnataka but this project is an elaborate one involving 31 schools across the State”.

He further added that Tenvic will be working along with SAAP and a third party audit will be put in place to evaluate the agency’s work. “We will take two months to complete the process and by next year this project will be functional,” he signed off.

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