Natl Weightlifting C'ship: Sathish clinches sixth consecutive gold

Sivalingam Sathish lifted a total of 317 kg (141 (snatch) and 176 (clean & Jerk)) to lift the gold in the men's 77kg category.

Sathish Sivalingam

Sathish Kumar Sivalingam of Railways won the overall gold in the men's 77kg category at National Weightlifting Championship in Nagercoil on Wednesday.   -  A. Shaikmohideen

Rio Olympian Sathish Sivalingam from Railways won the gold, for the sixth consecutive year, in the men's 77 kg category in the 69th men's and 32nd women's Senior National Weightlifting Championship, at the Ponjesly College of Engineering here on Wednesday.

Sivalingam Sathish lifted a total of 317 kg (141 (snatch) and 176 (clean & Jerk)) while Ajay Singh from Services won the gold in the clean & jerk category by lifting 177 kg and 137 kg in the snatch category and finished second with a total of 314 kg.

Sathish Sivalingam was thrilled to win his sixth consecutive gold. "I was working on my fitness in the National Camp at Patiala. I am very happy that I could lift 141 kg in snatch category without any training ahead of the championship. I am preparing for the Commonwealth Games qualifying event.

Earlier in the day, Lalchhanhimi from Mizoram clinched the gold by lifting a total of 241 kg in the women's 69 kg category thereby defeating Commonwealth Games bronze medalist Punam Yadav from Railways.

Results: Men: 77 kg: 1. Sivalingam Sathish (Railways) 317 (141+176); 2. Ajay Singh (Services) 314 (137+177); 3. Papul Changmai (Asm) 313 (138+175). Inter-state: 77 kg: 1. Papul Changmai (Asm) 313 (138 +175); 2. Amarjit Guru 306 (137 +169); Gaurav (Chandigarh) 288 (130+158). 85 kg: 1. Harshad Wadekar 317 (141+176); 2. D.R. Harsha (Kar) 311 (134+177); 3. Mangal Singh (J&K) 301 (132+169).

Women: 69 kg: 1. Lalchhanhimi (Miz) 214 (94+120); 2. Punam Yadav (Railways) 211 (94+117); 3. Rakhi Halder (Railways) 197 (89+108).

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