Play it safe: Games people play at home

Locked down at home with no live sporting action? People improvise to play games within the boundaries of their home.

Youngsters play cricket on the roof of a house during the nationwide lockdown in East Delhi on Thursday, April 9. Photo: PTI
French professional cyclist Yoann Offredo trains in his garage, which has been converted into a sports room, on April 3 in Monthlery, south of Paris. Photo: AFP
Hamid and Mahsa Sarbazi play tennis on a rooftop in Tehran, Iran, on April 14. Photo: Reuters
A girl plays table tennis as her cat lies on the table on April 15 in Mulhouse in eastern France. Photo: AFP
Two young children, Henry (10) and Iris (8), play improvised tennis at their home in East Grinstead in England as the spread of the coronavirus continues. Photo: Reuters