Advani starts well in points format

Pankaj Advani, who lost in the quarterfinal of the long-up format earlier, came out all guns blazing here.

Pankaj Advani plays a shot during the IBSF World Billiards Championship (Points Format), at the Karnataka State Billiards Association (KSBA), in Bengaluru.   -  K. Murali Kumar

Pankaj Advani posted two victories to get his IBSF World billiards (points format) championship campaign off to a strong start here on Friday. In the morning session, Advani reeled off three unfinished century breaks to defeat countryman Jaiveer Dhingra 152-12, 150-10, 70-151, 151-56.

Advani, who lost in the quarterfinal of the long-up format earlier, came out all guns blazing here. Dhingra stood no chance in the first two of the best-of-five frame encounter, but he did pull one back in the third. Advani wrapped things up in the next frame, helped by a fluke pot along the way.

In the afternoon session, up against Thailand’s Thawat Surajitthurakarn, Advani was not as fluent. The 31-year-old, however, had plenty in the tank and got past the finish line.

Singapore’s Peter Gilchrist, who captured the long-up title on Thursday, began brightly as well. He took out two-time world champion Rupesh Shah, before easing past Ajeya Prabhakar 150-12, 151-146, 150-124.

Sourav Kothari, runner-up to Gilchrist in the preceding event, fell to Englishman Robert Hall in a close encounter.

The results (Indians unless mentioned):

Group A: Pankaj Advani bt Jaiveer Dhingra 152-12, 150-10, 70-151, 151-56; Chit Ko Ko (Myn) bt Alok Kumar 69-151, 150-69, 123-152, 151-2, 151-72; Advani bt Thawat Surajitthurakarn (Thai) 152-81, 150-13, 85-150, 151-86; Ko Ko bt S. Lashkari (Irn) 152-67, 150-118, 150-45.

Group B: B. Bhaskar bt Mohamed Aslam (SL) 154-16, 150-33, 151-32; Dhruv Sitwala bt Brijesh Damani 151-2, 2-151, 152-32; Aung Htay (Myn) bt Sitwala 69-150, 150-135, 150-57, 58-150, 151-68; Bhaskar bt Damani 150-11, 107-150, 150-8, 150-94.

Group C: Peter Gilchrist (Sin) bt Rupesh Shah 150-38, 48-150, 152-95, 150-109; Dhvaj Haria bt Akhilesh Mohan (Fra) 153-49, 152-5, 152-54; Siddharth Parikh bt Ajeya Prabhakar (USA) 155-26, 56-150, 150-44, 150-49; Rupesh bt Haria 154-38, 150-92, 151-68; Gilchrist (Sing) bt Prabhakar (USA) 150-12, 151-146, 150-124; Parikh bt Mohan (Fra) 150-13, 152-22, 152-82; Gilchrist bt Haria 152-0, 150-122, 154-122.

Group D: Sourav Kothari bt Devendra Joshi 152-0, 151-38, 150-149; Robert Hall (Eng) bt Soheil Vahedi (Irn) 152-29, 150-108, 152-38. Hall bt Kothari 2-152, 151-128, 151-145, 51-150, 150-25.