Quiz: Cricket World Cup, 1996

Sri Lanka defeated Australia to lift its maiden World Cup trophy. How much do you know about the sixth edition of the showpiece tournament?

Sri Lankan skipper Arjuna Ranatunga with the 1996 World Cup trophy.   -  V. V. Krishnan

1.Sri Lanka qualified for the knockout stages of the 1996 World Cup before even a single group-stage match was played. This occurred after which two teams forfeited one match each for refusing to play in Sri Lanka following the Central Bank bombing in Colombo less than three weeks before the World Cup started?
2.Which of these batsmen scored three centuries at the 1996 World Cup?
3.Anil Kumble was the highest wicket-taker, with 15, at the 1996 World Cup. What other table did he top?
4.For the first time in 1996, the World Cup featured three qualifiers. How many teams participated in the qualifying tournament in Kenya for the three spots?
5.In a surprise win, which former World Cup winner did qualifier Kenya bowl out for its then-lowest ODI total?
6.When India defaulted in the first semifinal against Sri Lanka at the Eden Gardens in Calcutta, who was the match referee?
7.Of the nine captains from the 1992 World Cup, how many led their teams at the 1996 edition too?
8.How many captains from the 1992 World Cup played the 1996 edition but weren’t picked as captain of their side?