Quiz: 1930 FIFA World Cup

Host and pre-tournament favourite Uruguay won the inaugural edition of the FIFA World Cup. How much do you know about the showpiece event? Find out in our quiz.

The inaugural edition of the FIFA World Cup took place in Uruguay in 1930.   -  Getty Images

1.The 1930 World Cup was the only edition that didn't feature qualification. How many teams played in the tournament?
2.Who scored the first goal in FIFA World Cup history?
3.The first World Cup has featured the most South American teams till date. How many?
4.At the 1930 World Cup, Mexico's Manuel Rosas was the youngest goalscorer, a tournament record only broken in 1958 by Pele. What other record did Rosas not set?
5.Who was the top goalscorer at the 1930 World Cup?
6.Who is acknowledged as having scored the first hattrick in World Cup history at the 1930 tournament?
7.Which of these 'firsts' did the USA not achieve at the 1930 World Cup?
8.On what day of the week was the 1930 World Cup final between Uruguay and Argentina played?