Quiz: 1938 football World Cup

The 1938 FIFA World Cup was held in France from 4 to 19 June 1938. Italy retained the Cup by beating Hungary 4–2 in the final. Test your knowledge of the third edition of the World Cup here.

The FIFA president Jules Rimet (L) holds the urn for his grandson as he proceeds to the draw of the football matches for the 1938 FIFA World Cup in France.   -  The Hindu Archives

1.Brazil defeated Poland 6-5 at the 1938 World Cup. Leonidas scored three goals for Brazil, and Ernst Wilimowski four for Poland. Which of the following is not true about Wilimowski?
2.Which of the following is not true about Sweden’s 8-0 mauling of Cuba in the 1938 World Cup quarterfinals?
3.The Dutch East Indies became the first Asian team to qualify for the World Cup. How many games did it play at the 1938 tournament?
4.Leonidas was the top goal-scorer of the 1938 World Cup with seven. How many goals did his Brazilian teammates collectively score at the tournament?
5.Three venues hosted three games each at the 1938 World Cup. Two of the three hosted games that were replayed after the first match-ups ended in ties. Which venue hosted three different match-ups?
6.Which of these teams that made their World Cup debut at the 1938 tournament reached the quarterfinals?
7.What was unique about France’s loss in the quarterfinals of the 1938 World Cup?
8.Czechoslovakia’s Oldrich Nejedly was the top-scorer at the 1934 World Cup with five goals. How many did he score at the 1938 tournament?