Quiz: 1966 Football World Cup

England won the 1966 FIFA World Cup and it remains England's only title till date. Test your knowledge of the 1966 World Cup with our quiz.

Bobby Moore receives the Jules Rimet Trophy from Queen Elizabeth II after leading England to victory over West Germany in the final in Wembley on July 30, 1966. - THE HINDU ARCHIVES

1.The 1966 World Cup was the first major sporting event to have a mascot – World Cup Willie, a lion wearing the Union Jack with the words “World Cup.” How many football World Cups since then have featured a lion as a mascot?
2.The Jules Rimet Trophy was stolen prior to the 1966 World Cup, but it was found by a dog named ... four months before the tournament.
3.England was unbeaten in six games in its 1966 World Cup campaign at home. It’s only draw, in the group stage, was against whom?
4.Eusebio scored a hat-trick for Portugal in a 5-3 win against North Korea in the 1962 World Cup quarterfinals. How many hat-tricks have been scored in the World Cup at the quarterfinal stage or better since then?
5.Eusebio scored nine goals at the 1966 World Cup? How many were scored from penalties?
6.At 16 years and 339 days, which Brazilian was the youngest player ever to be named to a World Cup squad at the 1966 tournament?
7.England’s 11 goals in six games at 1966 was the lowest average goals per game for a World Cup-winning team at the time. Which country now holds the record?
8.Complete Kenneth Wolstenholme’s iconic commentary for the BBC from the final of the 1966 World Cup: “Some people are on the pitch. They think it’s all over. ... ... ...