Quiz: 1970 Football World Cup

Brazil won its third World Cup title in 1970. How much do you know about the ninth FIFA World Cup? Test yourself in our quiz.

Stars of the Brazilian national team with the Jules Rimet trophy at Mexico City on June 23, 1970. Holding the trophy are (from left): Felix, Pele, Paulo Cesar, Jairzinho, and Brazilian Singer Wilson Simonal. - THE HINDU ARCHIVES

1.North Korea, which had reached the quarterfinals of the previous World Cup, was disqualified from the qualification tournament for the 1970 World Cup for refusing to play which country for political reasons?
2.In the quarterfinals and semifinals of the 1970 World Cup, if the teams were tied at the end of 30 minutes of extra time, how was it decided which team would progress?
3.The four semifinal spots at the 1970 World Cup were all filled by former champions. Which of the following wasn’t one of them?
4.Italy progressed to the final of the 1970 World Cup after a 4-3 win in its semifinal. How many goals were scored in extra time in Italy’s semifinal?
5.What does the 1970 World Cup final have in common with the 1930 and 2018 ones?
6.Who scored in every game for Brazil at the 1970 World Cup?
7.The Jules Rimet Trophy, named after the FIFA president under whose leadership the World Cup was established, was permanently awarded to Brazil when it won its third title in 1970. Where is it currently located?
8.Bonus question: Which Greek goddess was depicted on the Jules Rimet Trophy?