Quiz 1986 football World Cup

The 1986 FIFA World Cup would forever be remembered for Diego Maradona's 'Hand of God' goal. Do you remember other significant events from that edition? Take our quiz.

Diego Maradona led Argentina to FIFA World Cup glory in 1986. | AP

1. Who was England captain at the beginning of the 1986 World Cup, before goalkeeper Peter Shilton took over the role?

2. The Saltillo Affair was a series of controversies involving a team that was based in the Mexican city of Saltillo during the 1986 World Cup. The team’s campaign began with a player suspected of doping, the players threatening to go on strike and announcing a series of demands from their federation, with reportedly inappropriate behaviour at the team headquarters. Which team?

3. Igor Belanov scored the third and most-recent hat-trick in a losing cause at a World Cup in the 1986 tournament against Belgium in the round of 16. For which team?

4. How many of the quarterfinal matches at the 1986 World Cup went into penalty shootouts?

5. Who was the top-scorer at the 1986 World Cup?

6. Which of these three have hosted two World Cup finals?

7. Franz Beckenbauer in 1990 became the second person to win the World Cup as both player and manager. What distinction did he achieve in 1986?

8. In August 2015, Diego Maradona visited Ali Bin Nasser, the Tunisian referee who officiated in the Argentina-England quarterfinal at the 1986 World Cup that witnessed both the “Hand of God” and the “Goal of the Century.” How did Maradona refer to Bin Nasser?

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